Letters to the Editor

Civility and truth must be part of discussions

I firmly believe that unless we as individuals and countries learn to respect the thoughts of those with a different perspective, be it political or religious, it will lead to the end of the world as we know it. We should not use bile or lies in stating our positions or in criticizing those with whom we disagree.

A writer of a March 18 letter used both, blaming Jimmy Carter for the Iranian hostage situation. Now the truth: in 1953, the Iranian people elected a respected Iranian named Mohammad Mosaddegh. Under orders from President Eisenhower and his British allies, Moseddegh was removed and imprisoned. He was replaced by our choice, the Shah, who ruled as a tyrant and oppressed the Iranian people for 25 years. That is what caused the crisis -- not two years of President Carter.

Next, the writer blames our national debt on President Obama. Now the facts: our debt problem started with his hero, President Reagan, who in eight years, tripled our national debt.

The writer also claims Obama "ruined the best health care system in the world." Now the facts: the U.S. health care system is rated 27th in the world behind Malta, Cyprus and Japan.

Space keeps me from much more.

Unless we start to practice civility and a mutual search for solutions, this wonderful nation will not survive

Howard M Mitnick

Hilton Head Island