Letters to the Editor

Which presidents were conservatives?

I fell off my chair the other day, reading a letter writer's definition of a conservative and a liberal, in which he compared it to a parent and child relationship. In his opinion, "pay as you go" is a conservative's approach while liberals just spend and generate deficits.

Here are some facts to consider -- applying the writer's definition of conservative and liberal:

1. Conservative Jimmy Carter virtually paid for all spending. No appreciable increase in government debt.

2. Liberal Ronald Reagan started the government debt craze. Recall liberal Dick Cheney's comment, "Reagan proved government deficits don't matter."

3. Liberal George Bush tried to be conservative by raising taxes to pay a few bills but was removed from office by Nordquist liberals just wanting to cut taxes.

4. Finally, a breath of fresh air came when conservative Bill Clinton balanced the federal budget and left a government surplus. There's a true conservative.

5. Liberal son, George W. Bush, not only continued that liberal cutting of taxes while generating government deficits, but he added more debt with more tax cuts and added "BushCare" -- the entitlement expansion of the Medicare Part D for drug coverage. Oh, and a war.

6. Now of course we have the liberal Obama ...

Isn't that crazy? Only two conservative presidents in the last 40 years: Clinton and Carter

Can I add liberal South Carolina now ranks 49th among states in government spending vs. federal taxes paid. That's $4 spent for every dollar paid. Darn liberals.

George Stuart