Letters to the Editor

Look at facts about Obama presidency

A recent letter is partly a ramble of bad things that happened during the Carter and Obama administrations. Yes, bad things happen during all presidencies. For example, during the Reagan administration, terrorists killed 242 Americans in Lebanon.

The writer claims the Affordable Health Care Act has ruined "the best health care system in the world." The reality is that millions are now insured. Children under the age of 26 can now receive health insurance under their parents' policy. If you have a chronic condition, you are no longer chained to a job for fear that a new employer's insurance company could refuse to cover you.

The ACA would prevent 17,000 deaths in South Carolina if the governor would choose to expand Medicaid. Instead, the state has chosen to forfeit billions of dollars in federal Medicaid funding, denying coverage to 329,000 working people in our state. That means billions of dollars that would have come to South Carolina are going to states willing to give their residents life-saving health care. These are facts. Where is the writer's evidence the health care system is breaking?

He also berates Obama for the economy. But, the deficit has decreased $680 billion with $2.774 trillion in taxes being collected because of personal and business incomes recovering from the recession (Washington Times 10/30/13). Almost every economist recognizes our economic recovery.

Lose the talking points and consider the facts.

Michael Schwartz