Letters to the Editor

Fear and lies abound over health care law

A strategy based on fear has arisen in an attempt to mislead the public on the Affordable Care Act.

The ACA sets up programs that provide states grants to improve health outcomes for families that reside in at-risk communities. The grants can also be for home-visiting services.

These programs are voluntary in nature and do not -- as alleged by some -- allow federal agents to come into your home and decide if you are a good or bad parent.

To quote from the program: "Voluntary evidence-based home visiting is the primary strategy to deliver services." Another quote: "A nurse, social worker, parent educator, or other paraprofessional regularly visits an expectant mother or father, new parent, or primary caregiver of a young child from birth to kindergarten entry to support and strengthen the parent-child relationship to improve the health, development and well-being for the child and family."

I'd suggest that people try to spread the facts about the ACA rather than using fear to mislead the public.

Michael F. Vezeau

Sun City Hilton Head