Letters to the Editor

Keep digging on Obamacare grants

Reading the story about people signing up for Obamacare in the newspaper recently was not enlightening. How many billions is our government spending to help get folks to sign up for the Unaffordable Care Act? The newspaper used as an example the Beaufort County Black Chamber of Commerce that has already received $234,000 from the federal government to "train employees to help navigate the website."

Since this chamber is a relatively small operation, who are the employees who are being trained and for how much? And how do they go about reaching out to these potential signees?

Since the overwhelming majority of African-Americans vote for Democrats, it seems as if this is more of a political recruiting effort.

The newspaper should be asking who got paid for what. Did offers go out to the unemployed? Did these jobs go to those employed by the chamber? Or did they go to chamber members and their families who already have businesses?

At a reasonable ($15 per hour) cost for volunteers you can get a lot of man hours out of $234,000. Were grants provided to other chambers?

The newspaper should not stop reporting this story. Check out how many similar grants have been distributed to politically correct agencies throughout South Carolina.

I guess it could be worse. In California, the feds have funneled millions to the Association of Community Organizers, ACORN, and trade unions to provide this service.

Don Kehoe