Letters to the Editor

American mistakes after 9/11 too costly

Our response to the 9/11 attacks should have been to advise all nations that we would be declaring war against the terrorists wherever we could find them. Those nations could help us, step aside and get out of our way, or choose to be at war with us.

Instead, we fought an undeclared war in Iraq, a nation that was not involved. Then we engaged in another undeclared war in Afghanistan. Thousands of our children died or suffered horrible injuries trying to help the Iraqi and Afghan people.

We have spent more than $2 trillion on this effort so far. Imagine the improvements we could have made to our schools, hospitals, roads or deficit with $2 trillion.

The Afghan government just released prisoners who killed Americans and will undoubtedly take up the "cause" to hurt us again. They say it is none of our business. I agree. Our government needs to bring everybody home. It is time to stop the flow of economic aid to these countries. Let's rebuild our own economy and infrastructure.

No military action on the scale of Iraq and Afghanistan should happen without a formal declaration of war by Congress. Our elected representatives must be accountable for decisions that result in our children being killed and maimed and our country spending itself into bankruptcy. They should be held accountable for what is being done in our name. Remember this every time you go to the polls.

Robert Davison