Letters to the Editor

Candidate is wrong about education report

In a recent article, state superintendent of education candidate Sheri Few intimated that our new report, "How Common Core Went Wrong," was somehow supportive of Common Core State Standards in education. Ms. Few may want to read the report, starting with the title.

In the paper, we suggest practical ways to return control of education standards to South Carolina parents. We believe this shared goal is best accomplished by working together with people who fundamentally agree with us, not by falsely assigning motives and attacking them in the press as insufficiently conservative.

Our mission as an organization is to provide timely, well-researched information for legislators and citizens. Our report does just this, looking at both sides of the argument and then outlining a practical blueprint for pushing back against Common Core to restore rigorous, locally-controlled educational standards.

We urge South Carolinians to read our report at www.palmettopolicy.org and decide for themselves.

Ellen Weaver


Editor's Note: Weaver is president and CEO of the Palmetto Policy Forum