Letters to the Editor

Country's gone nuts but few seem to care

Question: Can anyone think of a single time in the past five years when our current president has announced a savings proposition instead of another new spending splurge?

A few days ago he signed the farm bill. On Feb. 14, it was a billion bucks to "fix" climate change. Try selling that one to voters in snowbound New Jersey.

And usually he reports his new agendas after he's taken yet another day trip on our most expensive vehicle, Air Force One, to show off to an adoring live audience of planted, on-the-dole deadbeats hundreds of miles across the country from his office.

And the only politicians who are distressed by his reckless, ruinous behavior are those from the scorned tea party.

Do you realize how long it would take anyone to count to 19 trillion?

The next vote on the debt is a month away. Think common sense will prevail this time? Ha.

Back to the question: If anyone can think of a single time when the president used the word "save" in a sentence, I will introduce you to a lady I know who thinks the tea party folks are nuts and let you try setting her straight. And this lady is a Republican. The country's gone mad, folks.

Don Gwaltney