Letters to the Editor

School tax dollars should go to schools

It's time for the Beaufort County Board of Education to "just say no" to extending the tax increment financing shell game.

Deferring, redirecting or forgoing school revenue to fund other community projects, like park trails and roads, is a misuse of money collected as school tax, and a violation of public trust.

All money collected as school tax should be going toward school operating expenses or paying down school debt.

Do the constituents in Beaufort, Bluffton, Lobeco and St. Helena Island realize school dollars have been re-directed or deferred in order to support community-improvement projects on Hilton Head Island?

As superintendent Jeffrey Moss stated: "Ending the district's participation in the tax district will go a long way to offset increases in operational costs and prevent a tax hike." Amen.

Alan Smith

Hilton Head Island