Letters to the Editor

Highway landscaping reflects badly on Bluffton

There has been much discussion lately about how Bluffton can be more appealing to visitors and residents. Don't form another committee to discuss the situation; start by cutting the grass.

The medians and sides of U.S. 278, S.C. 46 and Simmonsville Road are often a disgrace, with grass more than two feet high in sections.

S.C. 46 and Simmonsville Road between U.S. 278 and Bluffton Parkway were widened, but instead of planting native grasses and shrubs that need little maintenance, they planted grass that needs watering and cutting. This grass has not been maintained. An example of smart landscaping would be Bluffton Parkway or Mathews Drive on Hilton Head.

It also hurts the appearance of Bluffton when numerous illegal signs are allowed to cover the landscape, and auto dealers are permitted to park vehicles for sale on the side of the road with large price signs taped to the outside of the cars. Pretty soon U.S. 278 will look like an inner city interstate, congested with advertisements. What's next, neon signs?

With the U.S. 278 widening approaching completion, what provisions have been made for landscaping the center median? Will it be more of the same? Will U.S. 278 become a superhighway from Interstate 95 to Hilton Head, known only as a convenient stop for gas before arriving on the island?

Elected county officials must correct this deteriorating condition before the "gateway to Hilton Head" becomes just an old town right before you arrive on Hilton Head.

Gerry Thornton