Letters to the Editor

Port Royal should be happy with Parker's

Great job, Port Royal Town Council. Another business goes down the drain (I wouldn't blame Parker's if it pulls out of the town totally after the dispute over the canopy proposed for its new gas-convenience store).

If Port Royal officials don't want Parker's in their town, they should tell the company. Period.

Under the plan, the area will be greatly enhanced compared with what it looks like now, and consumers could use the gas station competition.

It appears Parker's did compromise from eight pumps to six. Can someone please explain to all of us in Beaufort County why larger companies with specifically designed buildings and landscaping acceptable throughout the U.S. must change it here?

I'm a simple man and think that if a business wants to come to our area, let it in with limited restrictions that will not harm our community. Canopies are not something that will harm anyone.

New council members need to be elected to allow common-sense issues to be resolved by common-sense approaches.

I'm sure there are others who will disagree with me, but the bottom line is that a company wants to bring its products here and hire people who need jobs, and we have a Town Council that wants to make it more difficult.

Frank Martin Jr.