Letters to the Editor

Obama message on race moves, motivates action

As a white senior citizen, I recognize that I will never have the best of empathy for my African-American countrymen. But I can have enough to listen and encourage those who can make a difference in our country.

On Friday, I sensed a president very different from the one we have heard for five years. I want to encourage all of us to reset our attitudes and listen without bias. I sent an email to President Barack Obama and suggest that you also send a word of encouragement:

In my email, I thanked him for his message. It gives me new hope for change.

While not a supporter of Obama or most of his political agenda, I did have hope for what he might accomplish as our president. The humility and heartfelt concern for racial healing in our land that I saw from him Friday touched my heart. The sensitive, broad perspective he spoke on is moving me to action. If he continues on the course and with the tone he used Friday, I sense he will have a profound and lasting impact that will unlock the huge potential that is being wasted in the African-American culture.

I hope he is the man called to take our nation to a time of racial harmony that has only been dreamed about in the past. I believe this is a legacy that would have profound impact for all Americans.

Michael Bundy

Hilton Head Island