Letters to the Editor

End incessant TV ads selling area law firms

Am I the only one totally fed up and disgusted with the plethora of law firm advertisements we are pounded with on TV?

Sure, advertising is television's lifeblood, but this is totally out of hand. We now have more than 20 different law firms invading our lives, some two, three or more times in a half-hour.

There is the guy who parades client after client claiming to have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars with his help, while not guaranteeing anything at all. Then there's the guy who "pounds" the opposition, or the one who thinks he is entertaining us. Liquor ads are banned from TV; tobacco ads are banned. How about law firm ads?

The time has come. No more law firm ads. Yes, their services are much needed, but it is just too much. Please, tell me, am I the only one?

Len Cyrlin