Letters to the Editor

Blocking Obamacare wrong move for country

Republicans are touting the fact that recent polls indicate that 52 percent of those surveyed oppose Obamacare.

What they don't tell you is that more than half of the 52 percent actually support affordable health care for everyone, but think the current law is not liberal enough.

In our state, the governor and our two local state politicians, Tom Davis and Bill Herbkersman, oppose setting up state-run marketplaces to help citizens in choosing a health insurance plan. They also oppose expanding Medicaid.

The federal government will set up marketplaces so South Carolinians will get the support they need. However, the Supreme Court ruled states could opt out of expanding Medicaid coverage. To the detriment of our Medicaid recipients, the governor and state Republican legislators jumped on that option, claiming the state cannot afford the expansion.

Nonsense. The state, its citizens and its hospitals can't afford not to expand Medicaid. This is not about cost; it is about politics. It is Obamcare, and Republicans will do whatever they can to subvert the law of the land. We are not talking about not repaving a road. That will only affect our cars. We are talking about needed medical care that affects thousands of our citizens.

Those legislators who consider themselves Christians should recall these words: "Whatever you did not do for the least of these ..." Well "the least of these" are our citizens need Medicaid coverage. Labeling you as hypocrites is much too nice a term.

Tony Amadeo