Letters to the Editor

GOP silent on handouts to wealthy, corporations

The Republican Party and the Republican U.S. Supreme Court have declared war on the poor in general and on minorities in particular.

Actually, it might be more correct to say that they have sold their soul (and their votes) to the rich and the corporations they own.

That's good for my finances; I'm getting richer while working hard at thoroughly enjoying my retirement -- playing tennis, traveling to Europe and spending the summer in my vacation home. It isn't so great for most of the middle class, many of whom are struggling, or the poor, who are suffering while growing in numbers.

Recent court decisions have made it much easier for elections to be bought and made it easier to make it harder for minorities to vote. As for Congress, it has failed to enact programs that would promote economic recovery, such as investing in our nation's crumbling infrastructure and education, or in job training programs that would better equip our nation's work force to compete in the global economy.

Republicans complain about programs for the poor being abused, such as food stamps. They don't worry much about all the government programs that benefit the rich, such as the recently passed farm bill, and all the loopholes in the tax code. We have the best government that money can buy.

Frank FlaumenhaftHilton Head Island