Letters to the Editor

Give thanks every day for blessings of America

We recently celebrated our Independence Day. Many shows and pictures were dedicated to this event.

On Labor Day in l949, I arrived from Bremen, Germany, on a military transport. As we reached New York City and the beautiful sight of the lady with the torch, the Statue of Liberty, it was the first time in my adult life that I could enjoy a deep breath of freedom. The sight and the spirit overwhelmed me. I went down on my knees, prayed and cried.

Having lived in many countries and having traveled the world, I can certainly say this is a country of freedom and opportunity. Having occasions to speak to young students in the surrounding area, I always emphasize that while much criticism is heard regarding our government, there is no definite perfection in any system. It is my experience, after living as a citizen in this country for 65 years, that the liberties and opportunities available here far surpass any offered in many European countries.

The American people are charitable and extend help in many needy places. Let us not stray from the path chosen by our forefathers and our Constitution. God bless, America.

Allen Kupfer