Letters to the Editor

Catholic bishops don't understand marriage

As a heterosexual great-grandfather, I have come to believe my Catholic bishops do not understand marriage, as shown in Archbishop Donald Wuerl's op-ed column on July 5.

In effect, he focuses on procreation being the purpose of marriage, not what parents should do to care for children when marriages break down and kids no longer live with their original parents.

We Catholic heterosexuals can only remarry by proving that our original marriage was "not sacramental." Translation to our kids: "Your parents were not married in the eyes of the church -- you are illegitimate in God's sight." If we remarry without an annulment to create another household of two parents, we are forbidden communion. If we do not remarry, our kids are reared in a single-parent household.

Similarly, those who divorce after one partner has discovered that he or she is homosexual cannot then marry another homosexual in the church to provide a two-parent household.

In both cases, church policy that is supposed to defend children ends up ensuring that parents are refused communion if they remarry, or are single parents if they don't.

No matter what the bishops say, we Catholic parents teach our kids that God wants people -- including those created homosexual -- to love and be loved. Why else would God have created them? And we parents teach that God wants children to be brought up in stable, loving, two-parent households -- heterosexual or homosexual.

Charlie Davis

Fripp Island