Letters to the Editor

Dream can come true for a Bluffton dog park

I attended the recent Friends of Bluffton Dog Parks meeting. Had I ever attended one of the group's meetings before? No. Have I contributed one thin dime to the organization before? No. Are you like me -- someone who has been waiting for other people to make the dog park a reality so you can take your dog there and enjoy the fruits of others' labors?

What happened to this group recently, with its former president charged with embezzling a substantial portion of its funds, is a travesty.

While there was much momentum in the room to continue toward its mission, it became apparent to me that the only way for that to occur is for the community to rally around the group. And the only real way to do that is to show our true support through a quick, unsolicited fundraising campaign. I'm not a board member or a professional fundraiser. I'm just a local citizen with a dog. Please join me in writing a check to Friends of Bluffton Dog Parks.

If the group gets $10,000 in donations by its next public meeting on Aug. 5, I'm sure that it will continue pursuing the mission of making a dog park in Bluffton a reality. Let's see if we can make the dream a reality instead of the current nightmare that it's become.

Cheryl Raugh