Letters to the Editor

Snowden a traitor, not a whistleblower

The rule of law is gone. We are now a nation where everyone thinks he or she is a Supreme Court justice and should judge which laws to obey.

Why not? The executive branch chooses which laws it will enforce. Congress fails to meet its budget requirements set in law. Public servants are in unions that do not just negotiate wages and benefits but actively fund political candidates. Why should we be surprised that IRS employees abuse their power to further their political agenda, and then plead the Fifth Amendment before Congress?

Finally, we have the naive traitor Edward Snowden, who hasn't a clue as to how many deaths he may ultimately be responsible for in the future. His name is not among the justices of the federal courts charged with judging constitutionality. It is not among the 535 members of Congress charged with oversight of the executive branch. He is not the Inspector General with independent authority to investigate abuse of power and illegal activity.

All of these organizations and individuals have pledged to defend both the Constitution and the national security. There is no evidence Snowden took his opinions (which is all they were) to any of them. No, instead he broke the law and his oath and sold out America's security. He is not a whistleblower or a hero.

He is simply a very naive traitor, unfit to call himself an American. He should have his citizenship revoked and be brought to justice.

William T. Pendley