Letters to the Editor

Right-wing off base on Latino intelligence

I am stunned the co-author of The Heritage Foundation's recent report opposing immigration reform had previously written that "Hispanics" and their grandchildren will never be as smart as U.S. citizens. That contains so many fallacies.

First, children of immigrants who are born in the U.S. are U.S. citizens and will have the same education. Also, Latin Americans who are descendants of the Spaniards are of the same Caucasian race as Caucasians born here.

If they are mixed race, they are probably mixed with Native Americans, and that race is quite intelligent. Look at the amazing pyramids they built in Mexico and their buildings in Peru. Their knowledge of astronomy was amazing.

So exactly what brings the right-wing to say people from Latin America have inferior intelligence? Some people who come here may have less formal education because they had to go to work as children. But to survive in adverse conditions they had to have intelligence.

On a personal level, my son is an adopted Mexican-American. He was always as bright as his peers at work and in school. And I've taught English to people from around the world for 55 years. I believe that the brightest and the most dedicated to work are those who risk coming here. Their work ethic, family values and culture add to our country, and if Republicans would take the time to know them and their families, they'd see what I mean. Get out of your ivory towers.

Fran B. Reed

Hilton Head Island