Letters to the Editor

Many reasons not to like Obama administration

Remember how the president and his administration warned us about the dire consequences of "sequestration"?

Remember how tours of the White House were cancelled, government workers were forced to take furloughs, the Blue Angels tour was cancelled, and Fourth of July fireworks at military bases were eliminated?

Even with money in short supply, the government can find money to do the following, as reported in the media:

"The State Department spent more than $630,000 on advertising campaigns to boost the number of Facebook 'likes' for the agency's pages on the website, according to ... the agency's inspector general."

Is this what you expected from government leaders charged with spending the tax dollars they take from us, or at least most of us? Just why did you vote to re-elect President Barack Obama?

Why do we taxpayers need to pay to boost the social media outreach of the State Department? Just what is the State Department's job?

What grade would you give the president and his administration for using your tax dollars wisely when the economy is so slow to recover?

I suggest an F-, if there is such a grade. Even our County Council and state legislature do better.

Richard Geraghty

Hilton Head Island