Letters to the Editor

Sea Pines upgrades benefit full community

It has always been clear to me, since I became a regular visitor in 1978 and a full-time resident in 2006, that any improvements, additions and upgrades that enhance Hilton Head Island's image and reputation as a premier destination -- as long as the town continues its diligence in protecting the core integrity of the island -- accrue to the benefit of all residents and the community.

A case in point is the planned Sea Pines Beach Club, which will complement the new Plantation Club facility on the golf courses, and, later, a new clubhouse at the Harbour Town Golf Links.

A few more parking places at the beach club would be welcome, but the potential of a short walk from the golf club to the beach is nothing compared to having a new first-class facility.

Nooley R. Reinheardt

Hilton Head Island