Letters to the Editor

Obama administration reduces public's hope

There are so many political scandals today that the mindset of the average American has been corrupted. The bottom line: the Obama administration has conditioned the American public to accept mediocrity as the new standard of government performance.

Americans have come to expect the worst from the Obama administration, so when a new scandal or misdeed appears, no one is surprised or shocked. "You get what you expect." Regretfully, this malady has already permeated the social and moral infrastructure of our great nation. The result: lower standards have become the norm.

In the past, such scandalous occurrences would have generated demands for accountability and discharge of all responsible individuals, but not now.

Unlike the past, the buck does not stop at the desk in the Oval Office. Unfortunately, the American public has learned that the president is the king when it comes to dodging a contentious situation. As was promised several years ago, this president has changed our opinion of the presidency, but not in the way most of us anticipated.

Clifton J. Jester