Letters to the Editor

Beaufort marina plan seems to be backward

The process of redeveloping the Beaufort Downtown Marina parking lot by the Beaufort Redevelopment Commission as reported July 6 seems to be unusual.

I have understood the normal process to be as follows: a project is decided upon (by elected officials, with input from citizens), and then requests for proposals are sent out to prospective bidders. Government/city officials receive and review the proposals, check the qualifications of the bidders, then select one of the proposals. Usually, but not always, this will be the lowest bid from a qualified bidder.

The process seems reversed here. A bidder (developer) is going to be interviewed (but not known to the citizens), the bidder's financial information may or may not be part of that process, and then a selection will be made on who will do a project that has so far only been revealed as a "concept." After a selection has been made, citizen input will be sought. This seems backward.

Also, this whole thing evolved from a community push to expand the day dock downtown. Whatever happened to that?

Donna Starkey