Letters to the Editor

Parents should be upset about Common Core

At a recent Hilton Head Island First Monday Republican Lunch Group meeting, former state superintendent of education Barbara Nielsen spoke in support of Common Core.

During questioning, she was asked about her consulting position with Pearson Education, a company that stands to earn millions with the implementation of Common Core. She seemed very upset that anyone would even question her integrity or motives for supporting Common Core.

As I listened to her response, it seemed to me that parents should be the ones upset about Common Core.

They should be upset because Common Core was developed without any parental input.

They should be upset with the collusion between big business money, the federal government and academics to develop Common Core in such a surreptitious manner and without state legislative authority.

They should be upset that English teachers must spend at least 50 percent of their reading instructional time on informational texts at every grade level.

They should be upset that Common Core reduces opportunities for students to develop critical (analytical) thinking; that Common Core's middle school writing standards are developmentally inappropriate for average middle school students; that Common Core does not complete the teaching and use of the standard algorithms of arithmetic until grades 5-6; that Common Core defers the study of many Algebra I concepts to grade 9.

If you are a parent with concerns about Common Core, call or write state Sen. Larry Grooms or state Rep. Andy Patrick and support their legislative efforts to stop Common Core.

Bert Walker