Letters to the Editor

Island School Council for the Arts thanks teachers, administrators

The Island School Council for the Arts would like to recognize the outstanding arts teachers and administrators who worked with the council during the 2012-13 school year to enrich and enhance the arts experience for youth in southern Beaufort County.

Since 1971, the council has funded more than $2 million of arts programming in our schools, enabled by those willing to go above and beyond their classroom responsibilities.

The artist-in-education residency program presented world-renowned jazz musician Allan Harris to 1,250 students, facilitated by John Quindlen, Amanda O'Nan, Gretchen Keefner and Jill McAden; Larry Mercer and James Barry worked with 100 students to perform with the USC choir; and Alana Adams, Margaret Rushton, Ann Gorecki, Adrienne Sutton, Stephanie Shannon, Kathleen Corley, Ben Wolfe and Peter Cooper coordinated with the council to provide three residencies with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago's lead teaching artist.

The participation of Brucie Holler, Diane Bass, Jerri Pautler, Lou Anne Barrett, Kathryn Ramseur- Riley, Frederica Carson, Lori Parker, Lisa Sweeney, Patricia Schoelkopf-Lewis, Monique Dobbelaere, Kimberlee Smith, Beverly Jenkins, Sylvia Pitts, Treva Kent, Barbara Streitenberger, Jacquelyn Visscher, Andrea Pejeau, Dennis Vernon, Anne Carr and Kristen Munroe created two tremendously successful Promising Picassos student art exhibitions.

The teacher grants program funded Helen Ashton, Patricia Bea, Lois Lewis, Patricia Schoelkopf-Lewis, Rebecca Line and Jeff Streitenberger for their innovative projects allowing students to experience the arts beyond the classroom curriculum. Thank you all for your dedication to the students of Beaufort County and to arts education.

Patti Maurer, president

Island School Council for the Arts

Hilton Head Island