Letters to the Editor

Beaufort council wise to spend within means

I'm proud that the Beaufort city fathers have finally come to their senses. We cannot be like the federal government and spend what we don't have. Although most of the members of the council have bucks, this time they will not get their gimmes, gets and wants. The people and their wishes will surface.

When Congress has this same light dawn, maybe then our cities, states and nation will straighten up with uncorrupted rulers. This is a government by and for the people, and it is time to quit raping them for unnecessary junk that will not do anything for them. We are now making progress for the first time in years.

Beaufort is a magnificent area, and the beauty that abounds here is unfathomable. Now we have some people governing with brains. Only spend what we have and do it for the good of the people.

Thank God that our City Council has come to governing for the people. We cannot afford it otherwise.

Molly Boyle