Letters to the Editor

Higginsonville doesn't need curbs, sidewalks

As a happy resident of the quiet, green corner of downtown Beaufort called Higginsonville, I think that the school bus stop on Sycamore Street, just behind City Hall, should be moved to a cross street. My wife called the school district last year to suggest this.

Moving the bus stop would be a lot cheaper than installing sidewalks throughout our neighborhood. Our streets have a low profile without curbs. This means that the asphalt blends in wonderfully for bike riding, playing with Frisbees and walking, with no curbs to trip over.

I am unwilling to give up any part of my yard for unnecessary sidewalks.

The area around City Hall is fittingly updated, but we don't need that kind of obvious landscaping back here with the egret rookery, woodpeckers and marsh. More impermeable surfaces are not the answer, though certainly new homeowners willing to take on the fixer-uppers are.

Irby Rentz