Letters to the Editor

A little research goes a long way on 'Chicago'

We wanted to respond to the June 27 letter concerning the content of the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina's production of the musical "Chicago." The couple said the show challenged their Christian heritage and the Old Testament. They were very specific about "the actions of most of the performers and the bedroom scene being downright disgusting" and "not art."

We attended that production June 22 with out-of-town visitors. All four of us had seen the movie version, which won Oscars for Best Picture, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress among other awards and was highly critically acclaimed. We had seen other stage productions of "Chicago," so we were well prepared to see what we expected at the arts center. Yes, there were some very minor, but hilarious, liberties taken in this production, but all within the context of the musical. The story, costumes and character portrayals, dancing and music were all consistent, and certainly nothing in its content should be in any way offensive to anyone who had seen other productions, the movie or had done a little research about it before purchasing tickets and attending. In fact, the performers received a very warm and richly deserved standing ovation, this being perhaps among the best, if not the best, production in the arts center's history.

We also wish to state that their religious convictions would be best kept to themselves, unless they feel the need for a private conversation with their clergy. Don't foist them in writing or otherwise upon others. Next time, this couple should do their research before spending their money and being so disappointed.

Pat and Lynda Laff

Hilton Head Island