Letters to the Editor

Verbal warnings work as well as ringing bells

In response to the letter writer who has been using the Hilton Head Island trail system for 15 years, I offer the following:

In lieu of attempting to install bells on all bikes, rental and private --which would prove problematic at best -- why not simply adhere to the age old "passing" or "on your left" audible warnings that work very effectively.

When one comes up behind a pedestrian or cyclist and offers a verbal warning, the natural tendency is for them to move a half step to the right. Most will even acknowledge with a wave of the hand or a thank you. The audible warning when passing is especially useful when passing families where Mom or Dad is usually bringing up the rear. It gives them ample time to alert Junior to stay to the right. Except for the obvious issue of thousands of bells ringing obnoxiously day in and day out, there is another issue: Those wearing headphones won't hear you approaching anyway.

Ah, just another problem.

Ric Vardy

Hilton Head Island