Letters to the Editor

Private-business use of landing could cost us

I am writing in response to a recent letter about private-business use of the public boat landing near the Cross Island Parkway bridge. I agree with the letter writer that the landing was not built for pay-for-hire charters, but for the public to launch their boats to enjoy the local waterways.

I do realize there is a grandfather clause for commercial shrimping, oyster harvesting and crabbing, but these commercial operations do not charge $400 to the end user. I live and work nearby and have never seen a commercial shrimper, etc., leave from the landing. I do, however, see a lot of pay-for-hire charters run out of there. The other day, I counted three large trailers taking up quite a few parking spots. My concerns as a tax payer are:

Will the county expect us to pay higher taxes to cover the additional wear and tear on the docks?

Will our taxes be raised to pay for the dock build-out or repairs necessary to accommodate this additional traffic?

Can we expect a refund on our taxes as a result of the additional taxes Beaufort County is collecting from charter boats using this public dock?

Beaufort County is collecting extra taxes for these activities, right?

Diane D. Schommer

Hilton Head Island