Letters to the Editor

Government only works to enhance its power

One sure thing is that since the evolution (or creation, as you will) of the species, human beings are all motivated by the same things. Give them power without strong and enforced limits, and they will use it to their own benefit -- every time.

Any government that undertakes to promote or cause selected behaviors rather than protecting broad rights in order to allow the maximum practical free will always becomes corrupt and twisted as its power and authority are abused by the people in charge. Sooner or later, the government workers, managers, political appointees and elected officials will use the government's power and authority to impose their agendas by forcing others to behave as they wish, rather than as the law should protect and allow.

This is simply the human condition -- always has been and always will be. People who believe otherwise are either fooling themselves or are hypocrites, like the current administration and its followers.

We have crossed the Rubicon. We no longer have a government that protects us from the predatory motivations of our fellows, while allowing us the maximum individual free will. We have a government that imposes on us the will and demands of our leaders and government bureaucrats at the expense of our rights.

Our government has become the very predator it was intended to protect us from.

Steve Dickler

Hilton Head Island