Letters to the Editor

Never abandon a pet to a life on the street

Here's a letter I would like to send:

"Dear animal abuser,

"Don't worry, the cat you moved off and left is doing just fine. She was so traumatized at being left outside on the third floor of your vacant apartment behind Walmart that she did not eat for two days. Your ex-neighbor, on the second floor, heard her pitiful cries and fed her and then took her in until she could be taken to the veterinarian to be checked out. This pretty little black and white cat with six toes is going to be better off without you. She is in foster care now and is looking for her forever home, where her owners will not pack up one day and leave her sitting on the doorstep."

Everyone needs to know that in the case of an emergency, a pet owner should make every effort to find a temporary home until the emergency is over or take the pet to the shelter.

Never, under any circumstances, should a cat or dog be abandoned to a life on the street. It is cruel to do so.

Nancy Chesnutt

St. Helena Island