Letters to the Editor

Davis must better explain views on various topics

I can't say I haven't been warned. Don't expect logic or consistency from the radical right. That is healthy advice, but it is much easier said than done.

So would it be asking too much for our state senator, the excitable Tom Davis, to explain exactly what he does believe?

His oft-repeated goals are to reduce "regulations," limit "government intrusion" and "uphold" the Constitution.

Does he believe that Boeing, left on its own, without being answerable to "regulators," would have voluntarily announced that its latest product had serious, life-threatening flaws?

Does he believe the insurance industry, in the absence of regulators, would voluntarily explain its exploitative rate hikes to the coastal residents he says he represents?

Does he ever visit art galleries or grasp the fact that art exists, not only to inspire, but also often to provoke?

Has he ever seen works by artists, such as Goya or Picasso, that depicted controversial issues and confronted those who were in positions of power?

Does he want politicians to judge or censor, based on political ideology, the work that his artist-student daughter might produce?

Does he support the idea that our schools ought to foster students who apply themselves and think?

And finally, does he understand that upholding the Constitution includes all of it, even the First Amendment?

Dean Dizikes

Hilton Head Island