Letters to the Editor

Better-paying jobs would help economy

The growing consensus among economists is that both gross domestic product and job growth is being reduced by an increasing number of people leaving the job market.

The April 6 Wall Street Journal reported that 13 million fewer people are looking for jobs than 13 years ago. This loss equates to losing a state the size of New York and almost 0.5 percent yearly GDP growth for our country.

In addition, those without jobs usually depend on help from federal and state entitlements, local charities, and friends and family. They also increase our country's debt. Evidence exists that their chief benefactors are middle-class people with modest incomes, since our rich usually contribute chiefly to higher education and the arts.

Many of these drop-outs from job seeking have concluded this living is better than taking a minimum wage job with little or no benefits.

You would think our politicians would conclude that the minimum wage, which is lower than in the past and in other developed counties, should be increased significantly.Entitlement reform also would increase the incentive to seek employment. Our larger corporations hire most of their new workers overseas and increasingly use part-time employees with no benefits. Shouldn't they also help by increasing domestic hiring and providing decent benefits?

America's organizations have a heritage of working together more cooperatively than they are today and must do tomorrow for our country to prosper. Let's all make sure our voices are heard if their leaders continue to ignore these needs.

Walt Schymik

Hilton Head Island