Letters to the Editor

No matter your choice, it's important you vote

After an exhausting Republican Party primary and runoff, in less than four weeks we will choose our next representative in Congress.

Without question, former Gov. Mark Sanford has some personal issues, for which he has repeatedly asked for our and God's forgiveness. Fortunately, thus far, the campaign has been about issues and not personalities. Let's hope it remains that way for both candidates.

The question remains, taking everything on both sides into consideration, who do you believe is the best qualified candidate to represent the residents of the 1st District? Please make your choice based on pragmatic rather than emotional bases.

To those who choose to stay home and not vote, please remember that not voting for one candidate is a vote for the opponent.

Whoever is your choice, please do vote May 7. Also, if you qualify, you can vote absentee and can request an absentee ballot application today by calling the Beaufort Election Office at 843-255-6900.

Tom Hatfield

Hilton Head Island