Letters to the Editor

Thank you to kind, honest stranger who returned wallet

There are so many negative stories in this crazy world, it is nice to find there still are honest people who do the right thing.

I'd like to report on one such person, "Herman," who recently came to our daughter's aid.

Katherine arrived home in shock.

Hands on her head, she announced she had lost her wallet while getting gas at Parker's next to Home Depot.

Apparently, she had put her wallet on the car roof while she pumped gas, then hopped in the car and left for home, the bright red wallet sliding off and landing on the asphalt.

The wallet held her license, a debit card and $100.

Fortunately, "Herman" was next in line and saw the incident.

He picked it up, looked it over, got his gas and then drove to the Bluffton Police station to see whether they could help him locate Katherine.

We called Parker's, and the cashier said "Herman" had found it and gave us his telephone number.

We called but to no avail.

As we were hanging up the phone, Katherine's phone rang.

It was "Herman," who advised he had her wallet and was waiting for her at the Shell station next to Dairy Queen on U.S. 278.

Ten minutes later we were meeting him in the parking lot.

He gave Katherine her wallet with everything intact.

We thanked him profusely.

He was truly an honest gentleman who never hesitated to do the right thing.

"Herman," wherever you are, thank you again.

David Campbell