Letters to the Editor

It's not an 'entitlement' when it's your money

When I put money into a bank over a long period of time, a goodly sum accrues.

When I want to withdraw from that account, I expect to get it all back, in addition to any interest earned, without any hassles.

However, if I give my after-tax deposit over many years to the government, they now charge income tax on my withdrawals and may even reduce the amount further. The members of Congress will call this return of your money "entitlement" and threaten to reduce it in order to reduce the national debt.

I ask all of you voters who have had this inequity hoisted upon you to pledge: "I will never vote for any politician who refers to our Social Security payments as an entitlement." Scream out, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore."

Bedros Markarian

Hilton Head Island