Letters to the Editor

Politics, driving, writing raise some questions

Is it just me, or does it seem like there's another election every time we turn around? One guy gets three times as many votes as the other, and we need a runoff? Doesn't that cost time and money (and enthusiasm)? Can't anyone figure out a way to streamline the process?

And how dumb is it to allow members of one party to vote in the other party's primary? Doesn't that invite sabotage? Republicans will now be running Mark Sanford for Congress. Forgiving is divine, but come on. The Democrats should be licking their chops.

While I'm at it, a big "amen" to the recent clamor for left-lane passing only. Some roadside reminders maybe? Left-laners drive in a world all their own. I'm not a big bird-flipper, but am sure tempted when I get trapped behind one traveling in tandem with a right-laner.

And what's with this knee-jerk reaction against even the most basic of gun controls. Are we really worried that some day we may have to take up arms against our government?

Finally, a recent editorial employed the faddish (but incorrect) use of "begs the question." The phrase "begs the question" does not mean something raises or provokes a question. One "begs the question" when his answer hedges or equivocates (Roget) or assumes the truth of something in question (Webster).

I know. I should get a life or begin twittering.

Joe Lapchick

Moss Creek