Letters to the Editor

Expanding Medicaid good investment for SC

Expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare is in the best interests of South Carolinians.

A March 31 story reported "a near-solid block against 'Obamacare'<2009>" by Southern states, including South Carolina. Since taxpayers from other states are funding this expansion, a rejection is driven not by concerns for our state budgets or personal health, but simply by political interests.

Our state leaders travel far and wide to bring investment that will generate jobs. Would South Carolina reject a private investment of more than$11 billion (through 2020) which would improve the health of many, while generating more than 40,000 jobs? Not too often. Yes, after three years our state would begin picking up 10 pt of the cost of the Medicaid expansion, but a job-creating investment with a 9-to-1 return is not too bad.

If South Carolina rejects expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare, then hospitals will shift more of the cost of uncompensated care to those buying health care here. A rejection will also nix subsidies designed to help families and businesses buy health care insurance. Many families and businesses who could be helped by the expansion of Medicaid will instead be hurt by a rejection of the expansion.

Expansion of Medicaid will improve the health of many citizens by helping them or their employers buy health insurance. This is a good deal for our state.

David Rice