Letters to the Editor

Be part of the solution, not part of the problem

I'm a 66-year-old woman who has lived in North Carolina, California, Saudi Arabia and now South Carolina. In all these places I've gone about my daily life without fear. I'm concerned that so many people feel the need to own an assault weapon (or arsenal of weapons). If I feel safe in our society, why don't they?

It's my feeling that weapons really provide a false sense of security. Guns can't protect us from an idea whose time has come, people who are different from us or the certainty of change. If your desire to have a weapon is motivated by similar fears, your money would be better spent on professional help.

With the tragic events of recent years, isn't it time conscientious citizens of all persuasions willingly make a few personal sacrifices (background checks for all gun sales, banning assault weapons and rapid-fire clips) for the good of greater society? No, we won't completely solve the problem, but shouldn't we try? No, the government isn't going to take away your guns. It's trying to do what 900 bipartisan mayors and various law enforcement organizations have advocated for years. Shouldn't we trust recommendations from those sworn to serve and protect?

Shame on us if we allow our representatives to do nothing when a majority of Americans favor regulation. If there is another Sandy Hook, don't bother shedding crocodile tears if you're okay with assault weapons on the street, if your solution is more and bigger guns.

Donna Morris