Letters to the Editor

Jasper County area needs help on crime

I was born in Jasper County 73 years ago. In 1973, my husband, Phil Phillippi, and I established a home in the Tuten Landing-Roseland area.

For almost 40 years, we never had a problem. We established many friends, black and white, with whom I remain friends today. Our daughter and her family made their home here also.

My concern at this time is the crime in this area. There have been six murders that I recall in recent years.

My concern is there is nothing in the newspapers that is giving us hope that the cases are being worked on. I realize the sheriff cannot release all the information, but we need updates on the crime rate in northern Jasper County. Give us some encouragement. The paper is full of drug busts on Interstate 95. That's in the city. I do not live in the city, but we need some information on Jasper County crime. We hear about the schools and civic organizations and such. Give us some hope about crime in Jasper County.

I respect Sheriff Greg Jenkins and have talked with him about this matter. I am looking for some information or action in the area. We need a community meeting so we can let the taxpayers know their money is at work in the crime area.

Karen Cleland Phillippi

Tuten Landing