Letters to the Editor

Wrong solutions won't reduce gun violence

The (Rock Hill) Herald is wrong. It states in a recent editorial, "Requiring training and a permit to carry a gun in public is not too much to ask." Except it is. This is a solution in search of a problem.

The newspaper's assertion, "More guns carried in public by untrained owners are certain to increase the danger of accidental shootings," has no basis in fact. And they're incorrect in saying, "It's also against the law for ordinary citizens to own machine guns." No, it isn't.

Firearms ownership comes with responsibility, but so does operating a boat, a tractor or an ultralight aircraft, none of which requires a license. The operator should know and follow the laws.

As a firearms instructor certified by the National Rifle Association, I encourage all gun owners to seek professional training. But a mandate to do so will not save a single soul from a crazed gunman bent on murder.

There are definitely some things we can do to lessen accidental gun discharges and deter the wrong individuals from acquiring firearms. Unfortunately, inane opinions, such as that from the Herald, do nothing to advance the cause.

Nor does the emotional blathering of folks, such as Leonard Pitts Jr. Instead of wringing his hands over evil guns, he would do well to target the real sources of gun violence: Poverty, youth, gangs, broken homes, low education, drugs. Figures from the Department of Justice tell the real story of who is pulling the trigger.

Michael J. Raymond