Letters to the Editor

Conservative candidates need votes despite flaws

Each time I read a letter to the editor that damns a conservative candidate for this flaw or that flaw (as in Saturday's letter criticizing Mark Sanford for being AWOL), I get angry because we are losing our country to a president who is anything but AWOL.

On a daily basis, President Barack Obama is shredding every piece of our history and future. There is no conservative who could possibly do worse than Obama has. A conservative who threatens to vote for a liberal candidate the minute he sees a flaw really has no idea that there are important philosophical differences between the two parties.

We conservatives saw what candidate Obama had in store for the country in 2008, but too many of us stayed away from the voting booth anyway. In 2012, the conservatives got hung up on who was nominated as our presidential candidate so four million of us stayed home. Now we have no one to thank for the destruction Obama is carrying on but ourselves. We need to learn from the liberals at least one thing: There is no flaw in a candidate that makes losing an election worthwhile.

Mary Ann Lueckel