Letters to the Editor

Government shouldn't try to sanitize history

Is McCarthyism creeping into our state government? In a March 28 story, state Sen. Tom Davis calls it "inexcusable" that a piece of student artwork was displayed in a public school because it had a written statement within it that the senator finds offensive.

Is this the beginning of a Joe McCarthy-type inquisition of the arts by a government official to rout out "communists or unpatriotic Americans"? Do we want government to sanitize history by revising what actually happened or was said?

This type of behavior is a real threat to our freedom of speech, no matter what your political beliefs. Art should not only be pleasing to our senses, but should also stir our emotions.

If there is any apology, Davis should apologize to the artist and the principal at Robert Smalls Middle School and to the Beaufort County School District for suggesting that public statements of any kind be sanitized so as not to stir up differences of opinion. This is really an assault on the residents of this district, who most certainly have diverse opinions.

Charles H. Kresch