Letters to the Editor

Constitution, not states, determines our rights

People have taken many positions on the constitutionality or morality of same-sex marriage.

Some believe it is up to the states to decide whether or not it's permissible. Others have opposed it adamantly, primarily on religious beliefs. One of your readers refers to people who favor same-sex marriage and are asking the Supreme Court to overturn the laws that prevent it.

I don't necessarily "favor" same-sex marriage, but I am not against it. All people are guaranteed equal protection under the Constitution. A state law could be in violation of the Constitution. So yes, I hope the court upholds all rights guaranteed under our Constitution, whether I like them or not.

Churches may choose not to marry a couple unless one or both are members of that church; they may choose not to marry minors; they may choose not to marry a couple if one or both are divorced, etc. Churches, based on their tenets, can decide whether or not to marry a same-sex couple.

Catherine Stevens

Hilton Head Island