Letters to the Editor

Fox News balance claim unsupported by evidence

Your readers ought to be extremely grateful to the letter writer who took umbrage with the rubbish in a March 19 letter about the nature of the service provided by Fox News.

When I read that letter, I, too, was shocked to see anyone characterize Fox News as "balanced." Fox is anything but balanced.

Unfortunately, the gym I use tunes in to Fox News so that its customers can watch it while riding the exercise bikes. More than once, I have almost fallen off mine when one of the Fox broadcasters utters a horrendous lie.

Since there appear to be a fair number of people who watch Fox News without any critical analysis, they are like sheep to the slaughter.

Fox is recognized world-wide as a radical, right-wing American mouthpiece. We need to be more selective about our source of news.

John O'Neil

Hilton Head Island