Letters to the Editor

Open burning presents hazard to Hilton Head

Open burning, which is allowed on 30 percent of Hilton Head Island, is a ticking time bomb.

The density of the island's population has grown tremendously over the past decade. Neighborhoods are now in close proximity to each other. There are no longer any rural areas on this island. Open burning poses serious health risks to those who are exposed to the fumes, smoke and particulates that it releases into the air. The hazardous smoke it produces affects our entire island, not just those burning. Smoke travels for miles, and the dangerous particulates that it carries fills the air that we breathe.

Open burning of debris has been a primary cause of wildfires in South Carolina. Burning embers travel quickly in the air, through our trees and across our marsh grasses. This poses a serious fire risk to our communities. Our health, the safety of our loved ones and the investment in our homes is at stake.

We have all heard of the recent devastation of 109 condominiums in Myrtle Beach caused by fire. Don't let Hilton Head residents and visitors become victims from open burning. Voice your support for a ban on open burning today. Contact me at denise2design@aol.com.

Denise Stringer

Hilton Head Island