Letters to the Editor

Sanford displayed a lack of leadership

Recent letters have pointed to the "mistake" former Gov. Marl Sanford made with his extramarital affair.

His affair is a personal matter between Sanford, his wife and family and his Argentine fiancèe and should have little or no effect on his ability to legislate in the congressional district.

What many fail to consider is a much more serious dereliction of duty. Sanford lied to the people of South Carolina by leaving the state and country and claiming to be reconnecting to his inner self on the Appalachian Trail. The truth was that he left the state and country without leadership and without anyone knowing his whereabouts. This alone would lead me to believe that as an elected official and in a position of leadership, Sanford is unreliable and subject to lapses of responsible judgment.

The people of South Carolina deserve honesty and dependable leadership and Sanford has proved he is not up to the task. Be thoughtful when casting your precious vote.

Kristen Sakati

Hilton Head Island