Letters to the Editor

Choose candidate who represents our values

While many view us simply as a vacation destination, we all know Beaufort County is so much more.

You can see what makes Beaufort County unique. It is not the major department stores or fast-food chains, but the mom-and-pop restaurants and boutiques that line our streets, differentiating us even from neighboring counties.

I am like many of you who moved here. My wife and I wanted to raise our family in an area forged through the bonds of strong families and strong communities.

Beaufort County's strength is one of the reasons I ran to represent Hilton Head Island in the state House of Representatives. We are fortunate. Our delegation does a tremendous job working together as one. We need that same dedication to Beaufort County in our next congressman. It was one of the reasons I ran for Congress and why I was so honored to win Beaufort County in the March 19 Republican Party primary.

As we look toward Tuesday's primary run-off, it is important that we evaluate the candidates on their commitment to our community. We are a community that proudly adopts transplants as our own. Let's adopt a conservative leader this coming Tuesday who will be a standard-bearer for our Lowcountry values. The choice is ours.

State Rep. Andy Patrick

Hilton Head Island